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The medieval city
in Albertille

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The medieval city of Conflans (Albertville)
is well-worth the visit!

Step up through stone path and stair into a history going as far back as the Gallo-Roman Empire.

Enter the city through the porte de Savoie  gate.  Go round the bend past the freestone fountain and discover the narrow streets with forged iron signs indicating the ancient craft as well as the splendor and wealth of a city inhabited by rich shopkeepers.

Walk up the main road towards the square and discover the baroque church dedicated to Saint Gratus, whose fame in Savoy is due, however, to the disputed and fantastical tale of his retrieval of the head of John the Baptist! Follow the steps up and around the church and admire, among other things, its pulpit and sundial.


Enter the square, the “grande place de Conflans” and savour the coolness of the fountain. Enjoy drinks and Savoy cuisine on the terrace of one of the restaurants and dive into the art and history of Albertville and its surroundings as you follow the exhibition at the museum.

The “Grande Roche” and the Saracen tower gardens offer a unique and breathtaking panorama onto the valleys of the Tarentaise and the Combe de Savoie.

The Tarine Gate gives way to a superb little road, dating back to the Middle-Ages, which cuts across the side of the hill and reveals an unrestricted outlook over the valley.